Britney Spears Recalls Run-In with Ex Justin Timberlake at 2007 VMAs

More than 20 years after their separate, Britney Spears is speaking about what took place throughout her partnership with Justin Timberlake– and she’s not keeping back.

Spears released her bombshell narrative, “The Woman in Me,” on Oct. 24, and talked regarding her three-year partnership with the vocalist, which started in 1999, when she was 17 and he was 18.

Timberlake did not react to several ask for remark from and NBC News on the components of Spears’ narrative.

He did provide an apology after a 2021 narrative regarding Spears appeared called “Framing Britney Spears,” composing in an Instagram article, ” The sector is flawed. It establishes guys, specifically white guys up for success. As a guy in a blessed setting I need to be singing regarding this. Due to my lack of knowledge, I really did not identify it for all that it was while it was occurring in my very own life however I do not wish to ever before take advantage of others being took down once again.”

Here’s whatever she stated regarding her partnership with the ‘N Sync frontman, from conference on Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” to exactly how she had “among the most awful days” of her life at the 2007 VMAS, “in the very same precise area and time” that she stated Timberlake had “among his ideal.”

Meeting Justin Timberlake

Cast of the “Mickey Mouse Club.” Walt Disney Television/ Alamy Stock Photo

Spears composes she landed a function on “The Mickey Mouse Club” after she auditioned for the program for the 2nd time. She after that flew to Orlando, Florida, to movie the program at Disney World.

” The Mouseketeers rapidly divided right into our very own inner circles, split by the clothing spaces that we shared: Christina Aguilera and I were the more youthful children, and we shared a clothing space with one more lady, Nikki DeLoach,” she composes. “We respected the older children– Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, and Tony Lucca, that I assumed was so good-looking. And rapidly I gotten in touch with a kid called Justin Timberlake.”

She composes that she later on kissed Timberlake for the very first time at a slumber party.

” Another time, at a slumber party, we played a video game of Truth or Dare, and somebody attempted Justin to kiss me,” she composes. “A Janet Jackson tune was playing behind-the-scenes as he leaned in and kissed me.”

Meeting once again and this moment, they were ‘N Sync

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001.
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001. Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

Spears composes she communicated with Timberlake once the program finished, and in 1998, she reserved an opening act port on ‘N Sync’s trip, where she composes that both appreciated hanging out with each other on the trip.

” Having shared that experience at such a young age offered us a shorthand. We had a lot alike. We assembled when I got on trip and began hanging around throughout the day prior to programs and after that after programs also,” she composes. “Pretty quickly I recognized that I was head over heels crazy with him– so crazy with him it was useless. When he and I were throughout the very same location– his mother also stated this– we resembled magnets.”

And in a clip of the Spears’ audiobook that has actually rapidly removed on the net, star Michelle Williams tells what Spears needed to claim regarding Timberlake’s band.

” His band, ‘N Sync, was what individuals at that time called ‘so pander.’ They were white children, however they liked hip-hop. To me that’s what divided them from the Backstreet Boys, that appeared to extremely purposely place themselves as a white team. ‘N Sync associated Black musicians,” she composes.

” Sometimes I assumed they attempted also difficult to suit,” she proceeds, prior to remembering a tale where Timberlake had actually taken her to components of New York she had actually never ever been to previously, where they encountered rap artist Ginuwine.

” J obtained all ecstatic and stated, so loud, ‘Oh yep, fo shiz, fo shiz! Ginuwiiiiiine! What’s up, homie?'” Spears remembers Timberlake screaming.

How she really feels journalism treated her in different ways from Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake The 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake The 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001 in Los Angeles, CA. Jeffrey Mayer/ WireImage

As Spears’ popularity expanded, she composes she could not observe however aid exactly how journalism treated her in different ways from Timberlake.

” I had a difficult time being as care free as he appeared. I could not observe however aid that the inquiries he obtained asked by talk program hosts were various from the ones they asked me,” she composes. “Everyone maintained making unusual remarks regarding my busts, would like to know whether I would certainly had cosmetic surgery.”

But nevertheless, she explains that amount of time in her individual life as “extremely pleased.”

” Justin and I cohabited in Orlando. We shared a lovely, ventilated two-story residence with a ceramic tile roofing and a pool out back. Despite the fact that we were both functioning a great deal, we would certainly make time to be home with each other as typically as we can … that was a great time in my life,” she composes. “I was so crazy with Justin, simply infatuadted. I do not understand if when you’re more youthful love’s a various point, however what Justin and I had was unique. He would not also need to claim anything or do anything for me to really feel near to him.”

Justin ripped off– and she did also

But it had not been all sunlight in their partnership, Spears composes. The vocalist claims she recognized Timberlake had actually ripped off on her “a number of times.”

She especially recommendations pictures capturing him with a participant of British lady team All Saints in a vehicle in London, and individually, among her professional dancers informed her in Las Vegas he had “gestured towards a woman and claims, ‘Yeah, male, I struck that last evening.'”

” I do not wish to claim that he was speaking about since she’s in fact popular and she’s wed with children currently. I do not desire her to really feel poor. My buddy was stunned and thought Justin was just claiming it since he was high and seemed like boasting,” she composes.

” There were reports regarding him with different professional dancers and groupies. I allow everything go, however plainly, he would certainly rested about. It was among those points where you understand however you simply do not claim anything,” she proceeds. When with professional dancer Wade Robson,

Spears confesses she likewise ripped off on Timberlake.

” We were out one evening and we mosted likely to a Spanish bar. We danced and danced. I constructed with him that evening. I was dedicated to Justin for several years, just had eyes for him with that said one exemption, which I confessed to him,” she composes. “That evening was liquid chalked up to something that will certainly take place when you’re as young as we were, and Justin and I passed it and remained with each other. I assumed we were mosting likely to be with each other permanently. I wished we would certainly be.”

Robson did not promptly react to an ask for remark from

She was expectant with Timberlake’s youngster and had an abortion

Spears composes that at one factor throughout their three-year partnership, she conceived with Timberlake’s youngster.

” It was a shock, however, for me it had not been a catastrophe. I liked Justin a lot. I constantly anticipated us to have a family members with each other eventually. This would certainly simply be a lot earlier than I would certainly prepared for. What was done was done,” she composes.

” But Justin absolutely had not been pleased regarding the maternity. He stated we weren’t all set to have a child in our lives, that we were way also young. I can recognize. I suggest, I sort of recognized. I really did not really feel like I had much of an option if he really did not desire to end up being a daddy. I would not wish to press him right into something he really did not desire. Our partnership was also crucial to me,” she proceeds.

She claims both made a decision to have an abortion: “I’m certain individuals will certainly despise me for this, however I concurred not to have the infant.”

Spears includes she had actually never ever envisioned selecting abortion for herself till that minute.

” Abortion was something I never ever can have envisioned selecting for myself, however offered the situations, that is what we did. If that was the appropriate choice, I do not understand. I never ever would certainly have done it if it had actually been left up to me alone. And yet Justin was so certain that he really did not wish to be a daddy,” she composes.

The set determined she needs to not most likely to a physician or to a healthcare facility to have an abortion– a choice that she composes, “in retrospect injury up being, in my sight, incorrect.”

” It was necessary that no person learn about the abortion or the maternity, which implied doing whatever in the house. We really did not also inform my household,” she composes.

She explains taking the tablets, and after that experiencing “severe pains.” She claims she entered into the restroom and laid on the flooring for hours.

” Justin entered into the restroom and lay on the flooring with me. Eventually he assumed perhaps songs would certainly aid, so he obtained his guitar and he lay there with me, playing it. I maintained sobbing and sobbing till it was around,” she composes.

” It took hours, and I do not keep in mind exactly how it finished, however I do, twenty years later on, keep in mind the discomfort of it, and the anxiety. Afterwards, I was ruined for some time, specifically since I still did love Justin a lot. It was crazy just how much I liked him, and for me it was unfavorable,” she includes.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
The separation Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 29th Annual American Music Awards on January 9, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA.

Ron Galella/ Getty Images

Spears composes she “needs to have seen the separation coming,” however she really did not.

” When Justin started making his initial solo cd, “Justified,’ he began being extremely indifferent with me. I believe that was since he would certainly chosen to utilize me as ammo for his document, therefore it made it unpleasant for him to be around me looking at him with all that love and dedication,” she composes.

” Ultimately, he finished our partnership by text while I got on the collection for the video clip for the ‘Overprotected’ remix by Darkchild,” she includes.

She assesses the separation, greater than 20 years later on, in guide.

” For as high as Justin harmed me, there was a significant structure of love, and when he left me I was ruined. I suggest I can hardly talk for months when I claim ruined. All I can do was cry Whenever any individual asked me regarding him. I do not understand if I was medically in shock, however it really felt this way. Everybody that recognized me assumed something was incorrect with me, actually incorrect,” she composes.

She claims she returned home to Louisiana, where she could not also talk with her friend or family.

” Justin flew bent on Louisiana to see me. He brought me a lengthy letter he had actually composed and mounted. I still have it under my bed. And at the end it stated– it makes me wish to sob to consider it– ‘I can not take a breath without you.’ Those are latest things in it,” she composes.

She shares she assumes obtaining near to Timberlake’s household added to making the separation so severe.

” Part of what made that amount of time so tough is that Justin’s household had actually been the just actual, caring household I had … my mother would certainly appear and see us every now and then however she’s not that I went home to, ever before,” she composes.

On ‘Cry Me a River’

After the separation, Spears remembers seeing the video clip for Timberlake’s solitary “Cry Me a River,” which she refers to as including “a female that resembles me” that “rips off on him and he strays around unfortunate in the rainfall.”

” In the information media, I was referred to as a harlot that had actually damaged the heart of America’s gold young boy. The fact: I was comatose in Louisiana, and he was gladly running around Hollywood,” she composes.

She after that took place to blow up Timberlake for not pointing out that he had actually ripped off on her, also.

” May I simply claim that on his eruptive cd and in all journalism that bordered it, Justin disregarded to point out the a number of times he would certainly ripped off on me? There’s constantly been even more flexibility in Hollywood for guys than for females. And I see exactly how guys are motivated to chat garbage regarding females in order to end up being effective and well-known. I was ruined. The idea of my betraying him offered the cd a lot more agony, offered it an objective: s– chatting a disloyal female,” she composes.

She wraps up: “‘ Cry Me a River’ did extremely well. Everybody really felt extremely sorry for him. And it reproached me.”

She includes that she really felt there was “no chance” for her to inform her side of the tale at the time.

” I could not clarify, since I recognized no person would certainly take my side as soon as Justin had actually encouraged the globe of his variation,” she composes. “I do not believe Justin recognized the power he had in reproaching me. I do not believe he recognizes to today.”

At the 2007 VMAs and past

Spears points out encountering Timberlake backstage at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards event, where she carried out “Gim me More.”

” It had actually been some time considering that I would certainly seen him. Every little thing was going terrific in his globe. He went to the top of his video game in every means, and he had a great deal of swagger,” she composes. “I was having an anxiety attack. I had not practiced sufficient. I disliked the means I looked. I recognized it was mosting likely to misbehave.”

She includes that she will not protect the efficiency “or claim it was great.”

” I will certainly claim that as entertainers all of us have poor evenings. They do not generally have repercussions so severe,” she composes. “You likewise do not generally have among the most awful days of your life in the very same precise area and time that your ex lover has among his ideal.”

” Justin moved down the path right into his efficiency. He was teasing with ladies in the target market, consisting of one that reversed and curved her back, drinking her busts as he sang to her,” she proceeds. “Then he was sharing the phase with Nelly Furtado and Timbaland– so enjoyable, so complimentary, so light.”

She referenced Timberlake again in her narrative, when she was assessing her separation from her 2nd partner Kevin Federline.

” I was young, and I made a great deal of blunders. I will certainly claim this: I had not been manipulative. I was simply silly,” she composes. “That’s one point Justin and Kevin spoiled regarding me. I made use of to rely on individuals. After the separation with Justin and after that my separation, I never ever actually did trust fund individuals once again.” has actually connected to Federline for remark and has actually not listened to back at the time of magazine.(*)

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