List of events in Montgomery in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday


The government vacation to bear in mind Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is Monday, with a checklist of occasions intended in Montgomery.

King was priest of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in the 1950s and played an essential function in a number of civil liberties occasions in Montgomery in the 1950s and 1960s.

Here is a checklist of occasions occurring in Montgomery to recognize his life and job:

January 15– MLK Birthday Celebration, 9:00 AM, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
January 15– HandsOn River Region MLK Day of Service & Remembrance, Various Locations
January 15– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Ceremony, 10:00 AM, Downtown Montgomery
January 15– MLK Birthday Bash, 12:30 PM, 300 Jackson Street, Montgomery
January 15– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service, 9:00 AM, Cleveland Avenue YMCA
January 15– Equal Justice Initiative supplying totally free admission
January 16– AUM Reflections Breakfast, 9:00 AM, AUM Taylor Center

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