Modern Warfare III Launch Patch Notes

It’s time! Phone call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is starting its worldwide launch rollout. Prior to you study the the first day material offering, provide a want to our Patch Notes outlining the modifications we’ve made given that you last played throughout the Multiplayer Beta.

The worldwide launch rollout for Console (PlayStation/Xbox) gamers starts today at 12 AM GMT +13. Modern Warfare III will certainly be readily available around the world on all systems later on today by 10 PM PT. See our Preparation Blog for more details.

Today’s launch is just the start, and we expect offering a constant stream of material updates, pest solutions, and gameplay changes in the year in advance.


Stability & Performance

  • Offline play will certainly no more be stopped after very first establishing an Activision account.

  • Save information honesty has actually been evaluated and checkpoint loading mistakes have actually been fixed.

  • Fixed several UI-related collisions that happened while browsing food selections. When packing right into some goals,

  • Resolved numerous accident insects.

  • Fixed a concern in which some gamers experienced a too much tons time after the opening title dash.

  • Fixed numerous visual insects that caused hitching after a melee kill.

Fixed a visual pest that caused possessions packing in poor quality.

  • Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a pest that caused reduced sound, audio missing, and missing out on discussion in some cutscenes.

  • Addressed locations in several maps in which gamers can utilize helicopters and cars to gain access to out of map areas.

  • Enemies need to no more remain in cover more frequently or much longer than meant.

  • Fixed a pest in which particular command inputs accidentally reset loadout choice.

  • Players can currently toggle the Optic for the silenced M4 and the Cronen Squall.

  • Fixed a pest in which gamers came to be unsusceptible to harm from Gas and Equipment.

  • Fixed a pest in which Supply Boxes will certainly closed on very first effort.

  • Fixed a pest in which tools were missing out on from orange Supply Boxes.

  • Fixed adversary clipping with items in the setting on fatality or in battle.

Fixed cautioning message for locations where the gamer can just crouch.


  • UIX

  • Visual Changes

    • New Features

    • Added a HUD component that presents the gamer’s existing touch after each kill.

    • Match occasion popups currently include the corresponding gamer’s complete Calling Card.

    • Skillful gamer accomplishments, such as Kingslayer, Collateral, and so on, will certainly currently present a Medal dash on the gamer’s HUD.

    • Tac-Stance toggle state is currently suggested by a widget in the lower-right location of the HUD, changing the previous punctual while intending down views.

    • Match Stats are currently readily available throughout gameplay by means of a brand-new tab in the Scoreboard, permitting the gamer to contrast existing efficiency to their profession standard.

  • Detailed Statistics are currently readable while picking an Attachment in the Gunsmith.

Bug Fixes

  • Maps
  • Global changes to vibrant array for boosted lights integrity.
  • Increased Operator presence by readjusting ecological haze.
  • Added generate supports to numerous maps in order to affect the circulation of battle towards each map’s desired layout.
  • In Team Deathmatch, team-owned locations are currently extra preferred by generate choice and immune to adversary stress.
  • In Domination, generate choice is currently extra immune to adversary stress on flags, boosting uniformity by preferring had flags.

  • Estate

  • Favela


  • Gameplay

  • Adjusted step quantity to better identify adversary and pleasant gamers.

  • Added an alternative to double-tap the goal down views switch to turn on Tac-Stance.

  • Refreshed Default Loadout alternatives with a broadened series of material.

  • Movement


  • Weapons & Attachments

    • SVA 545 (Assault Rifle)

    • Increased bullet rate by 19%.

    • Increased price of fire from 632 RPM to 682 RPM (+8%).

    • Increased lower-torso damages multiplier from 1x to 1.1 x.

      • Decreased recoil to divert much less to the.

      • MTZ-556 (Assault Rifle)

      • MCW (Assault Rifle)

    • Increased bullet rate by 18%.

      • Increased recoil throughout continual fire.

      • Decreased minimal damages from 24 to 21 (-13%).

      • Striker (Submachine Gun)

      • Decreased optimum damages from 42 to 36 (-14%).

      • Decreased near-medium damages from 33 to 27 (-18%).

    • Decreased fear-medium damages from 27 to 25 (-7%).

    • Decreased minimal damages from 21 to 20 (-5%).

      • Decreased goal down views time from 250ms to 240ms (-4%).

      • Holger 26 (Light Machine Gun)

      • Pulemyot 762 (Light Machine Gun)

    • Increased bullet rate by 16%.

      • Decreased optimum damages from 47 to 45 (-4%).

      • JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit (Conversion Kit)

      • MTZ Interceptor (Marksman Rifle)

    • Increased bullet rate by 15%.

      • Increased hipfire spread throughout continual fire.

      • Decreased goal down views time from 330ms to 265ms (-20%).

      • MCW 6.8 (Marksman Rifle)

    • Increased bullet rate by 12%.

      • Increased hipfire spread throughout continual fire.

      • Decreased goal down views time from 260ms to 245ms (-6%).

      • Longbow (Sniper Rifle)

      • Increased bullet rate by 13%.

    • Swapped full-auto crosshair for anticipated semi-auto crosshair. When fired by an opponent gamer to line up with various other Sniper Rifles,

    • Increased flinch.

    • Increased hipfire spread while relocating and throughout continual fire.

  • KV Inhibitor (Sniper Rifle)

    • Increased bullet rate by 5%.

    • Increased hipfire spread while relocating. When fired by an opponent gamer by 18%,

    • Increased flinch.

    • WSP Stinger (Handgun)

    • Swapped semi-auto crosshair for anticipated full-auto crosshair.

  • Decreased optimum damages from 25 to 24 (-4%).

    • Decreased optimum damages from 27 to 25 (-7%).

    • Decreased optimum damages array from 12m to 6m (-50%).

    • Decreased upper-torso damages multiplier from 1.1 x to 1x.

    • Decreased hipfire spread throughout continual fire.

      • Renetti (Handgun)

      • Swapped semi-auto crosshair for anticipated burst-fire crosshair.

      • Slightly raised recoil throughout continual fire.

  • Decreased minimal damages.

  • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit (Conversion Kit)

  • Swapped semi-auto crosshair for anticipated full-auto crosshair.

    • Increased goal down view time 200ms.

    • Increased sprint to fire time from 80ms to 100ms (+25%).

    • COR-45 (Handgun)

  • High Velocity (Ammunition)

    • Low Grain Rounds (Ammunition)

    • Decreased damages array fine.

    • Decreased bullet rate fine.

  • Decreased recoil control benefit.

  • High Grain Rounds (Ammunition)

Decreased recoil control fine.

  • Decreased bullet rate benefit.

  • Decreased damages array benefit.

  • Optics (Attachment)

Muzzles (Attachment)


Demolition Vest

Tactical Pads (Boots)

Tac Mask (Gear)

Field Upgrades@CODUpdates Killstreaks



Issues & Feedback

For the current updates on concern monitoring and video game condition, comply with

on X. Additionally, you can use our Modern Warfare III board on Trello to discover the condition of our examinations right into the leading concerns experienced by the neighborhood.(*) Your responses is crucial to our objective of making Modern Warfare III the most effective it can be. As constantly, we invite you to share your experience with us on your system of option.(*) You can discover us on: (*) (*) We’ll see you on-line!(*)

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