New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 11/26


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Q: Start us off, what sort of entered into that choice in the 2nd fifty percent for you ahead in?

A: As much as I understand, we strolled in the storage locker area and (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Bill O’Brien) OB simply took a look at me and claimed, ‘Hey, you’re starting 2nd fifty percent’ and I claimed, ‘Yes, sir’ which was actually concerning it.

Q: How did you really feel the initial drive went and after that what possibly led to not having the ability to lug what you carried out in the initial drive onward as a crime afterwards?

A: I believe that simply boils down to me doing my work. Incompletions, turn overs, that’s simply– it boils down to the quarterback and I take that. That’s on me in the 2nd fifty percent. We began warm, like you claimed, began the initial drive, marched right down and racked up. I need to have the ability to maintain the group going, maintain the power up, maintain it going throughout the 2nd fifty percent, yet I had not been able to do that. That’s on me.

Q: Before the video game it was reported that you and (quarterback) Mac (Jones) divided associates 50/50 throughout the week at method. Do you feel it was a real 50/50 split for you?

A: I do not keep an eye on the number of associates I obtain. Lots of I obtain, I attempt to take benefit of it so I can not inform you precisely if it was 50/50 or not yet I believe that’s (Head) Coach (Bill) Belichick’s response to that inquiry.

Q: What was your understanding of your duty heading right into the video game?

A: Try to assist the group win.

Q: When did you discover that Mac would certainly be beginning at quarterback?

A: I believe that’s an exclusive discussion that we have throughout the week. I believe that’s an inquiry for Coach Belichick, he decided, yet I’ll maintain that in between us and the instructors.

Q: If you do have a shot to begin following week, there’s undoubtedly no bye week? There’s not 2 weeks to lead up with even more associates to have. With the much shorter week, if you were to begin, would certainly you favor to understand faster as opposed to later on?

A: That’s Coach Belichick’s choice. I’m going to do every little thing I can like I have the previous times I’ve begun and attempt to go out there and win if I begin.

Q: Take us with that last drive. You people relocated the sphere a bit after that you had some missteps. Did you seem like you people were mosting likely to be opting for a goal there and were you dissatisfied that you needed to go for a basket effort?

A: I imply, the almost all concerning that is ahead out with the basket. I imply, that’s your primary objective, it’s 10-7, worst situation situation is kick a basket. Wonderful if you can rack up. Our primary purpose was to decrease there and rack up factors and not have the ability to provide the sphere back, and we we’re able to do that. We need to’ve never ever remained in that setting, to begin with. That turn over that I had, the choice, that bring about their basket– I imply, that’s on me, so we need to’ve never ever remained in that setting. I take that on me.

Q: What was the initial fifty percent like for you? We might see you on the sidelines with your safety helmet on sort of preparing, preparing, preparing. Just how distressed were you to act? What was undergoing your mind at halftime that you appeared recognizing that you were going to obtain included?

A: Like you claimed, remaining prepared. Remaining secured right into the video game, seeing what the protection is doing to us in the initial fifty percent and sort of taking psychological associates and things.

Q: Did Mac claim anything to you prior to you entered in the 2nd fifty percent?

A: Yeah, he simply claimed, ‘Go out there and win.’

Q: On the interception, did it appear of your hand a little bit late or was it a fantastic play by the safety and security? What took place there?

A: That’s simply negative by me. He made a fantastic play. I’m certain when I return and check out it, he did a fantastic work, he snipered throughout. For me, I need to see that, to make sure that’s completely on me. I can examine it to (pass receiver) Tyquan (Thorton), he was vast open in the apartments so when it boils down to it, it’s on the quarterback which’s on me.

Q: Did it seem like it was tough for you to prepare today not recognizing what your duty was mosting likely to be till so late while doing so?

A: No. I imply, I’ve prepared similarly that I have the last nonetheless numerous weeks we’ve had.

Q: Are you pleased with exactly how you preformed general?

Q: What did you such as? What really did not you such as?

A: I really did not such as the interception.

Q: Does this seem like a missed out on possibility?

A: 100 percent. When you do not win, it’s a missed out on possibility.

Q: For you, moving forward as someone’s that’s completing to play a lot more, does it seem like a missed out on possibility?

A: I’m certain there were some advantages yet there’s negative points. There was a turn over that brought about a basket that brought about us shedding so yep, it’s a missed out on possibility. We really did not win.

Q: How a lot would certainly you such as currently to take a breath and have a complete week to prepare as that starter? Just how much are you eagerly anticipating that possibility where you like understand what’s mosting likely to obtain and take place around and attempt to lead this group to a win?

A: Yeah, that would certainly be excellent yet once again, that’s Coach Belichick’s choice. Whatever he makes a decision, if he intends to do– whatever. I’ll do whatever he states.(*)

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