Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2023 for Travel Inspiration

best instagram accounts to follow 2023

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2023 for Travel Inspiration

Instagram has become a popular platform for travelers to share their adventures and inspire others to explore the world. With a plethora of stunning travel accounts available, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones to follow. To help you discover some of the most captivating and wanderlust-inducing content, we have curated a list of the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow in 2023 for travel inspiration.

1. @worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward, the creator of this account, takes her followers on a journey across the globe. Her stunning photography and insightful captions make you feel like you’re right there with her in each destination.

2. @expertvagabond

Matthew Karsten’s account is a visual treat for adventure seekers. From hiking in remote mountains to diving deep into the ocean, his captivating photographs will ignite your wanderlust and inspire you to embark on your own thrilling journeys.

3. @doyoutravel

Jack Morris, known as “Do You Travel,” shares breathtaking images from his travels around the world. With a great eye for composition and storytelling, his account will transport you to picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities.

4. @gypsea_lust

Lovely couple Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris curate this account, extending an invitation to explore the world with them. Their vibrant and dreamy photographs will leave you yearning for your next adventure.

5. @lebackpacker

Alex Strohl’s account showcases his passion for outdoor adventures and remote destinations. His breathtaking landscapes and intimate portraits capture the essence of each place, inspiring you to discover hidden gems around the globe.

6. @theplanetd

Dave and Deb, the couple behind “The Planet D” account, have been inspiring travelers for years. Their account is filled with awe-inspiring photography and informative captions that will make you want to pack your bags and hit the road.

7. @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard is a renowned adventure photographer whose account will leave you in awe. With his unique perspective and ability to capture the beauty of nature, his photographs will inspire you to explore the great outdoors.

8. @muradosmann

Murad Osmann’s “Follow Me To” series became a sensation on Instagram. His photographs, featuring his wife leading him by hand in various iconic locations, will transport you to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

9. @saltinourhair

Tara and Louis, the creators of this account, travel the world in search of paradise-like destinations. Their stunning photographs will make you want to escape to pristine beaches and tropical landscapes.

10. @beautifuldestinations

No list of travel inspiration on Instagram would be complete without mentioning Beautiful Destinations. As one of the largest travel accounts on Instagram, they curate breathtaking images from photographers all over the world, showcasing the beauty of our planet.


These top 10 Instagram accounts in 2023 will undoubtedly provide you with a daily dose of travel inspiration. From picturesque landscapes to vibrant cities, these accounts will transport you to different corners of the world and ignite your wanderlust. Whether you’re an avid traveler or simply seeking inspiration for your next adventure, following these accounts will surely awaken your inner explorer.


Q: How do I follow these Instagram accounts?

A: Simply open the Instagram app, search for the account’s username, and click the “Follow” button to start receiving their updates on your feed.

Q: Can I use the photographs from these accounts for my own purposes?

A: It is important to respect the copyright of the original photographers. While you can find inspiration from these accounts, it is best to seek permission before using any content for personal use.

Q: Are there any other travel accounts worth following?

A: Absolutely! Instagram is filled with incredible travel accounts. These top 10 accounts are just a starting point, and there are numerous other accounts that offer unique perspectives and travel inspiration. Explore hashtags such as #travelgram, #wanderlust, or #explore to discover more amazing accounts.

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